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10 Design Resources You Could Never Think Were Free

1. Awesome Pricing Tables and Banners

Many a business site has incremental products, especially ones with digital products – that is the products have versions that are priced differently – say a Free / Silver / Gold / Platinum versions. Or the site has products whose features need comparison like say mobiles or refrigerators. Instead, your site might offer subscriptions for different time frames. All these sites need presentation in a table format which also look good.

Here is a collection of customizable, professional-looking tables and banners at your disposal. They are slick, smart and easy to implement.

Download it now

2. 50 Multipurpose Business Icons

No one has time to read long-running text, especially when they are at a business website and are very clear about what they are looking for. They want come to your site quickly, find what they are looking for asap and leave. Thin, no-frills, easy to locate icons to signify what the text is all about is what you are looking for.

This set of 50 free thin-line icons make life simpler than ever. A money bag to a “deal” icon to a graph icon – this family of icons should suit your site’s icon needs.

Download it now

3. Website Checklist for Graphic Designers

“So many things to do, so little time.” This couldn’t be truer for a graphic designer than anyone else. Wireframes, widgets, usability, colors, icons, fonts, media, browser compatibility – the list is quite literally endless. And of course, you have a sub-list within each list. Overwhelming as it is, missing out something is not good for your repertoire. On the flip side, with the right checklist you can organize your work and have a very systematic approach to breaking down elements of the work required.

DealFuel brings you a free checklist to start you of on bringing order to the chaos that graphic designing is.

Download it now

4. 10 Colorful Grunge Textures

Each website has a tone, an expression, a statement it wants to make. Every designer and site owner wants the various aspects of their website to all point to that pre-determined tone of the site. It is surprising how design elements that are in the background contribute to the said tone – a flourish in the header, some distinguishing texture on the side bars or widget headers and so on. This freebie allows you to completely customise the 10 textures that it offers.
Download it now

5. 15 Seamless Icon Patterns and Seamless Wood Patterns

Carrying on with the need to keep things within the theme of your site/business philosophy. Here are some more icon and wood patterns that might work well with your site. If your blog/site has content that leans towards nature or you have products in the furniture/garden category, good, high quality wood patterns could come in really useful. Here are 15 that could fit your bill.

Download it now

6. High quality web resources

And some times you need a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This combination freebie has calendar templates and line characters in different poses. For an event website or a site that requires booking or schedules, or you need to manage a project, you want intuitive calendars that users can quickly make sense out of. Similarly, if not your website, your presentations or marketing material might need a zing of fun with cartoon characters in different poses – clip-art of sorts.

Download it now

7. Royalty free graphics worth $54

In a similar vein, sometimes you want a mixed bag of something more – customizable design elements. Also, there are requirements of adding text to an illustration without editing much else about it. Again, your search for that perfect design element to go with your site might end with this set of free graphic elements in the form of vectors, vector illustrations and textures.

Download it now

8. GreenMe Portfolio Template

You want a simple site that highlights one and only one thing – your portfolio. All you want is that your site should draw the visitor’s attention to your work – whether it is photographs, videos, or websites. As a freelancer, your work is the kind that doesn’t need a deep, categorised website, just a quick look of the jobs you’ve accomplished. This one-page site template with four color options might be just the thing you are looking for.

Download it now

9. WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme

“Keep It Simple Silly” is what the online world is gravitating towards. Even so, you do not want simplicity to translate to boring. Elegant yet easy-to-use is what you want your WordPress Theme to be all about. At the same time you want all your content to be accessible at one click.

The DaVinci theme is exactly that. What’s more? It is premium theme up for grabs for free! A lovely mix of simplicity, functional and oomph.

Download it now

10. Atolo Coming Soon Template

That your business needs a website is no more a debate. And getting the design right could turn out to be a nightmare because you are looking for perfection, just as you should. Meanwhile, though you don’t want the clients looking you up to go back empty-handed. It is a good idea to have a place-holder till your fully functional website is in the right shape.

Atolo’s Coming Soon Template serves just that purpose. You can have quick information about your business in this highly but easily customizable template.

Download it now

Looking for design elements that fit your requirements shouldn’t be difficult. We hope that this set of 10 freebies gets you started on your way to the perfect website. With the varied offerings you are bound to find something for each element of your website to make it complete. Download one, download them all. Mix-and-match to make the most of them!

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Weeboo10 Design Resources You Could Never Think Were Free
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