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The Elements of an Outstanding Website Design

A web design determines how your target audience perceives your website. The website will be initially be judged on how it looks and functions, and not on the basis of its content, which will determine if the user will continue to read it or leave the page.

The functionality of the website is thus, important, because your conversion rates are dependent on it. If the website is not appealing to the target population, they won’t read through it, so you need to ensure that your web design has the following things to get noticed.

Legible and Appealing Font

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Your web design is a way of marketing, through which you are representing your brand, so it should be alluring. Fonts provide you with one way to make the page look more artistic. It is also necessary that the information is easy to read, so the font and its size should be legible, even with greater quantity of text.

You can also bold the text which will grab your audience’s attention. This feature is usually best for headings to make the text more readable. Your viewers will leave the page if the text is too crowded, has excess information without headings, or is not legible at all.

Option for Every Purpose

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An exceptional web design is one in which the user can easily find options they would like to visit. If they are looking for your contact information, there should be a contact information tab or if they need help, then there should be a query portion for that reason as well.

Users should be able to efficiently fulfill the purpose of visiting your website. The three click rule should be applied to easily navigate on the page and find relevant information in lesser time.

User Interactive

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Quickly locating information on the web page is significant as people want information as soon as possible. For that reason, techniques like bullet points, smaller sentences, and headings and subheadings are used to keep the reader involved and make sure they do not lose their focus.

Proper Pattern

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Colors add positively to your website’s appeal. The color coordination should be dependent on the brand logo or the company colors. The text and background should complement each other so that words are clearly readable. Different types of color should be added to induce different emotions for e.g. red can be added on call to action keywords.

Cluttered content causes anxiety among the readers and give a disorganized look. To set your content in a structured pattern, grid based layouts are used to improve the appearance of the website by assembling it in boxes, columns, and sections.

Illustration through Images

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Images have the power to add the right feel to your website. It can enhance your branding and marketing power by getting the message across to potential viewers. To get a high quality image, you can purchase stock photos or get custom photos taken by a photographer, and enhance the appearance of the website. Graphs, infographs and videos can also be used make your website appear authentic and user friendly, and also to communicate more effectively with the visitors.

There are many other essentials too, such as a rapid loading time and a responsive web design that will have an impact on how functional and engaging the web design is. A lot of companies also opt for expert help to get a great web design for their website. You can also make use of professional services for Website design in Belfast to boost the presence of your business online.

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WeebooThe Elements of an Outstanding Website Design
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