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Powerful WordPress Themes Worth Considering this Year

The listing includes several multipurpose themes, themes oriented toward building eCommerce sites, a one-page theme, a portfolio theme, and a premium theme you can download for free.

Visit the websites for more information, view the demos, and make your choices.

Enfold has all the features you need to build any website. It is a best-selling ThemeForest WordPress theme that comes equipped with demo images that allow you to start your website-building activities immediately. This premium theme, with its user-friendly drag and drop editor, will enable you to complete your projects in minimal time, and provide you with the capability of keeping any deadline-sensitive client happy.


Enfold has a host of powerful features. Thanks in part to its easy to use Admin Area, it is a perfect theme for novices, as well as providing picture-perfect solutions for more experienced users and professional website builders.

It takes just one click to install a demo to build on, or you can easily create your own layout if you desire. Another option is to select different design elements from different demos and proceed from there. Since Enfold is WooCommerce, Retina, and SEO ready, it is the ideal theme for building a successful online store. Strongly recommended.

Be Theme gives website builders an easy way to build different sites without having to resort to using different themes. Besides its 40 powerful core features, Be features more than 160 different pre-built websites to make up the biggest set of WordPress theme website building tools you will find anywhere. Over 100 of the pre-built websites are multipage affairs. These pre-build websites address the most common website topics. It’s easy to find the right one for a business or entertainment website, a creative or blog website, a shop, or a blog or portfolio dedicated site.

Be Theme

Use Muffin Builder 3 or Visual Composer to customize a pre-built website, or select a grid, a layout configuration and a header, and start from scratch. Be is one of the most versatile and flexible themes on the market.

Owners of X Theme have witnessed several major and eventful eventful changes with its more recent major releases. Version 3.0 incorporated a dozen valuable website-building plugs, and Version 4.0 introduced Cornerstone, a modern, innovative, and delightfully easy to use frontend page builder. X Theme has for some time been ThemeForest’s fastest selling product, and because of the features incorporated in recent versions, it is selling better than ever.

X Theme

With X Theme you can build many different types of websites, including one-page sites, eCommerce sites, and blogs. You will also like how easy it is to create stunning portfolios. Since this theme has much more to offer than can be described here, we suggest you pay a visit to the website to see for yourself the website-building opportunities it makes possible. You will be impressed with what you see.

If you are in the market for a clean, modern, and highly innovative WordPress theme, your search can end right here with Uncode. If you haven’t heard too much about this premium theme, it’s only because it will have been on the market for barely 2 months as 2015 draws to a close. Nevertheless, users are embraced it with such great enthusiasm that it quickly became a ThemeForest best seller.

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode’s authors have paid great attention to detail, and it shows. WooCommerce, Visual Composer, iLightbox, and many more features are included. Check this exciting new theme out.

The Core is not just a WordPress theme, it’s ten themes in one. There is a Mobile App theme, a Magazine theme, an Agency theme, and much more. There is still more to come. The Core is an excellent choice for building on online shop. It is WooCommerce, Translation, and Retina ready, and responsive as well.

The Core

A key feature is the Advanced Visual Builder, and you’ll also find multiple sliders, a large selection of shortcodes, and an SEO module designed to attract visitors to your website.

As the name implies, Shopkeeper is a WordPress theme that is marketed with eCommerce in mind. It has all of the features needed to open an amazing online store. Where other themes can claim to be WooCommerce compatible, Shopkeeper goes an additional step. It is specifically designed to operate with WooCommerce functionality.


Shopkeeper is fully responsive and pixel perfect. It is one of three Get Bowtied themes that have been explicitly created for eCommerce use. Consequently, you can expect nothing short of top quality support when building or maintaining an online store.

SEO WP is heavily oriented toward online marketing, SEO, and social media agency websites. Many, if not most, WordPress themes can legitimately claim to be SEO friendly, but this premium theme takes it a step further.

SEOWP SEO Online Marketing Social Media Agency WordPress Theme

The needs of the digital marketers and SEO pros are directly addressed, and significant emphasis is placed upon building websites that will attract high levels of customer traffic. Ready-to-edit SEO content is included in this theme, and building your website can be done by dragging and dropping. Plus, thanks to its predesigned templates, creating a website that will attract visitors just became easier.

Most WordPress theme websites offer viewers an opportunity to view free demos. Despacho is no different. In fact, its authors recommend you view their demo before downloading their theme. There’s nothing unusual about this except for the fact that the theme itself is 100% free!

Despacho Theme

You aren’t getting a scaled-down version of Despacho either. The theme you download will be the premium version. Despacho is a responsive WooCommerce theme that is loaded with headers, layouts, shortcodes, and page style. Choosing Despacho could be a win-win situation.

Mr. Tailor‘s authors began working on Version 2.0 almost immediately following the release of Version 1.0. Meanwhile, the initial version received enthusiastic user acceptance and sold nearly 4,000 copies.

Mr. Tailor

With Version 2.0, Mr. Tailor has practically been reinvented, based heavily on user and storekeeper feedback. The best features have been kept or improved upon, and a number of new features have been added. A popular theme that has undergone major improvements should be a good investment.

Kallyas is not a newcomer. This premium, eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme has been around for some time. Version 4.0 has recently been released. It makes Kallyas one of the world’s most complete themes, as its worldwide users will attest to.

Kallyas WordPress Theme

Kallyas’ features include a powerful page builder. There are options to set up every type of website or shop. You’ll also find a host of video tutorials that explain what every feature of this theme does and how it works. This modern, high-performing theme provides top-notch support. Make it a point to visit the website for a closer look.

Kleo is a fully customizable, extremely flexible multipurpose WordPress theme. It is designed to fit the most demanding needs of beginners and professionals alike. While you can build “the website of your dreams” with Kleo, its main strength lies in creating attractive, viewer-friendly community and membership websites as well as mobile and company presentation websites.

Kleo Community Theme

This theme is compatible with the latest WordPress and BuddyPress releases. Among its features, you’ll find an impressive selection of demo pages plus unique membership and community features and capabilities.

Hipsta is worth looking into if you need a portfolio-composing theme in your toolkbox. Although most premium WordPress themes include portfolio-creating features, building a stunning portfolio is a Hipsta specialty.

Hipsta – Minimal Creative WP Theme

You can build an entire website with this theme if you desire. The tools you need are there, but Hipsta’s strength lies in enabling you to create outstanding and unique portfolios – portfolios incorporating video or slideshows for example. If creating top-quality portfolios is a priority of yours, visit Hipsta’s website, and learn more about this modern, innovative theme.

Royal Theme is a flexible, versatile theme that could almost be considered to be an all-purpose theme. Its strength however lies in the creation of eCommerce, Corporate, and Agency websites, as well as one page websites.

Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Royal Theme provides its users with a large selection of web page variants in these areas, including landing page variants. The latter selection is ideal for use by those wishing to provide product pre-release information or information on upcoming services to clients or customers. This eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme’s website is definitely worth a visit.

Lecco’s specialty is the one page website. One page websites are extremely useful for displaying portfolios, publishing blogs, or showcasing products. Even if you have not created one page websites in the past, you might find venturing into this area interesting and profitable.

Lecco One Page WordPress Theme

Lecco’s 4 layout types are easily customizable, and the results can be displayed on PCs, tablets, and/or mobile devices. It’s a perfect theme for designers and creatives alike, and it fully belongs in our list of the Best for 2016.


We hope you’ve found exactly what you have been looking for in this list of 14 of the Best Themes for 2016. All of these themes provide superior results at what they do best, whether that best is multipurpose or specialized use. You really can’t make a bad choice.

WeebooPowerful WordPress Themes Worth Considering this Year
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